Hi, we’re Natasha and Josh, nice to meet you! We’re a couple of fun-loving, eat-our-way-around-the-world travelers and this is our blog.

Natasha was born in Lithuania and lived there for the first 11 years of her life before moving Los Angeles. While not traveling, she’s a speech language pathologist with a special love for helping people who stutter. While not contributing to this blog, she’s adding information to her speech therapy-specific blog,

Josh is originally from Philadelphia and moved overseas at the age of 11 when his father joined the foreign service. Living overseas as a child, in both Panama and Israel, left Josh with an insatiable lust for travel. Josh went to school for photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology and worked for a number of years in the software industry building tools for digital photographers.

We both have had an urge to travel for quite some time and recently took a break from both of our careers to focus on traveling. We’re passionate about the people and places that we visit, as well as their food. We’re excited to share our experiences with you.